New Homes For Sale in New Caney, TX: What It’s Like To Live Here

 New Caney is a tiny, rural town estimated to be twenty miles distant from Houston. It is situated by Interstate 69 and is not so far from plenty of large parks, making it perfect for hikers and outdoor adventurers. New Caney is ideal for those who’d rather live in a quaint environment rather than the glittery city life.


Despite the distance from the fast pace of bigger cities, this place doesn’t shy away from renowned learning institutes that encourage singles and families alike to move to the town. To clarify, however, working in Houston while residing here isn’t a stellar idea.


Understanding New Caney Culture

  • Quaint vibe


New Caney is definitely for people who’d rather bask in a more subtle neighborhood with a slow pace. This humble town is one of the smallest suburbs in all of Houston, with just less than 30,000 people. While technology isn’t absent in the city at all, many residents refer to the place as entirely rural. Why? Agricultural laborers make up most of the population, therefore signifying that this area is a haven for the hard-workers and the lovers of the wild.

  • Perfect for hikers


Because Lake Houston is only five miles away from the said suburb, residents and dwellers alike get to enjoy water skiing, boating, and other natural waterpark rides have to offer. Very close by Lake Houston is also a wilderness park that hikers and even children will have fun in. Packed with nature activities and other fun things to do in the wild, people get to enjoy frolicking in the goodness of nature. This makes it perfect for families and communities who long for a break from arcades and malls.

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  • Perfect for those who are yet to be adventurous


Once you visit the place, you’re bound to take on entertainment that’s void of computer screens and home buttons. The Sam Houston National Forest is also a close destination many New Caney residents flock to. It is one of the biggest national forests in all of America, and it is the biggest park in Texas. If you’re searching for non-city thrills and action, you would be pleased to know that activities such as boating, hunting, camping, hiking, and even fishing are all present in this area.


  • Great for artists who want to draw inspiration


Because New Caney is distant from the strong influences of immediate pop culture and other media forces, artists—whether filmmakers, writers, or painters—will be happy to reconnect with their art in here. Even just for a year or two, New Caney is incredibly ideal for people who want to start fresh and/or take a break from the bustle of where everyone is.


If you’re one who is in the business of finishing a book, or filming a movie, or just getting work done in the name of art, New Caney is fantastic at complimenting you with what needs to be done.


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By: Karissa