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Reopening Piandré Salons in GCQ

Piandré Salons reopen on Sunday, June 7!

Last updated: June 6, 2020 | 2:30pm

We are pleased to announce that we are opening most of our Piandré Salons on June 7, 2020. However, due to DTI regulations, we are constrained to open at only 30% capacity and STRICTLY OFFER ONLY HAIRCUTTING and BLOWDRY services.  

For the time being, we cannot accept any chemical treatments such as hair color, aura, hair treatments, foot spas, or any nails and waxing services. These services may be allowed in the next few weeks and we will update you once we have word.
We will be open in the following locations:

Alabang +639985607422
BGC +639985607430
Cebu +639186991597
Del Monte +639985607431
Feliz +639199915180
Greenbelt +639399277808
Salcedo + 639985607424
Santolan Town Plaza +639985607425
Timog +639985607429
TriNoma +639985607432
U.P. Town +639985607428

Closed until further notice

Ayala North Exchange
Promenade (Staff moved to Santolan Town Plaza)

As we adhere to DTI guidelines, we wish to remind you that the following will be observed:

  • No Face Mask, No Entry (We will have masks available at P25/mask)
  • As per DTI guidelines, Face Shields are required for Shampoo (We have Face Shields available at P150 each)
  • Temperature will be taken. If your temperature is higher than 37.5 or look visibly unwell, we will have to ask that you reschedule your appointment to another day.
  • Appointments are encouraged
  • No companions are allowed
  • There is no waiting in our waiting area. Please be on time for your appointment.  
  • Social Distancing will be followed per client 2 meters apart
  • There will be no drinks or snacks served but you are welcome to use your own water bottles to refill at our dispensers
  • Sanitation and Disinfection per counter will be done after every client.
  • A Health Checklist per DOH is required to be filled out as you enter the salon

IATF Guidelines recommend the following:

  • Each customer must wear a mask during their entire stay inside our premises.
  • We will take temperature as you walk in the salon. As per IATF guidelines even if your temperature is below 37.5, but are visibly unwell, such as have runny nose or cough, we are constrained not to render service. 
  • There will be a two meter distance between chairs which will disable our capacity by half.
  • We are also using a 6sqm capacity per person inside our salons which include our staff and guests. During this time, our staff are asked to come in two teams when possible, unless the space allows for it.  
  • There will be no waiting in the reception area for companions of our guests. If, in special cases, there is a need for the guest to have a companion for medical needs, please advise the receptionist to book the VIP room if available, for you and your companion. 
  • Social Distancing will also be observed for our staff so we have identified some VIP rooms, quiet rooms, facial rooms as a staff room extension to decongest and comply with in-house social distancing 
  • There will be no snacks or drinks served inside the salons to avoid any possible contamination through these preparations. However you are invited to refill your water bottles in our dispensers.
  • Our staff cannot also leave the salon to buy any refreshments or food outside for clients or for themselves as they have to change their outfit to new clothes to re-enter the premises. 

For our Internal Controls:

  • By Appointment Only: Only a limited number of clients can be accommodated per time slot due to our chair distancing so to implement this, we will need to monitor our services through appointments only. Kindly send a message to the salon directly through their cellphone listed below or send an email directly to [email protected] with your preferred appointment details.
  • Walk-ins: In case there is available space and staff free to do the service, then the walk ins can be accommodated. But there can be no waiting inside the salon for these guests. 
  • The 15 min grace period will be implemented to avoid the overlapping of clients that will surpass the limit of clients at a given time. If you are late, we may have to reschedule your appointment.
  • Two Step Decontamination: All seats and counter tops will be decontaminated with a cleaning solution and disinfected with an alcohol or bleach solution before and after each client. High touch areas such as the reception desk, comfort rooms and door knobs will be disinfected regularly throughout the day.  
  • Professional Safety Systems: Our staff are now undergoing training in our professional safety systems that they need to implement starting with all newly washed towels, capes, one time use only which has always been our policy. 
  • Manicure Services: All manicure tools will be dipped in barbicide solution; Nail files will be one time use only and can be given to the guests to take home. 
  • Hair Services: All metal implements such as scissors will be sterilised in liquid barbicide solutions, all brushes and other hair implements will be soaped, cleaned and will undergo the final disinfection procedure in our Aller Plasma machine. Each process takes 45 minutes but we have enough tools to go around.
  • Suspension of Select Services. There will be No Facial, Make-Up, Body Massage Services until further notice. 
  • Air Filters: Our industrial strength air filters will be turned on throughout the day.  

The Staff personal uniform, hygiene: 

  • The Staff will continuously use masks, goggles, and face shields removing them only during their mealtime. 
  • They are strictly following handwashing before and after every client.
  • We are now studying the PPE gowns made of repellant material but we find that this hampers movement and is extremely uncomfortable for our staff with our heat generating tools such as blowdriers and irons. In the US, Europe and Australia, salon staff are just using their normal wear. So our staff will wear their uniforms, and normal wear for the stylists. But we assure you, that they will wear their masks, goggles and face shields constantly. Their hand washing protocols before, & after each client, use of hand sanitizing machines on our walls, together with their values formation sessions, we trust that they are well conditioned and prepared for all these safety measures. 
  • We have advised our senior citizen staff and those with delicate pregnancies to stay home in the meantime until the situation improves.
Because of the constant use of masks, we anticipate that this may deter communication so please take time to make sure the staff and you get your message across. 

We are available to accept your appointments through their cellphones listed here.  Or you may email us directly by replying to this email at [email protected] 

Please be advised that our Piandre Promenade and Piandre Ayala North Exchange will remain closed until further notice. 

So here we submit to you our side, our preparations, but we ask you to be our active half, with your comments, and suggestions and feedback as we continue to adjust and learn what can be better, so you can lend us your support, and we can draw strength from it as we face and rise together in this new normal. 
Linda Z. Francisco • May 11, 2020


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