The FHA Rehab Loans Process Timeline

Have you ever thought about the process for an FHA 203k loan? Before searching for a house, it is always wise to complete a full preapproval with the mortgage broker. After you have a completely signed purchase contract and have done the house inspection (if applicable), you’ll have to contact your loan expert to complete the FHA 203k loan application.

In this post, we’ll be covering the steps that’ll show you the general timetable and workflow for the FHA 203k mortgage that include:

  • Contractor’s estimate
  • Mortgage application
  • Appraisal
  • 203k paperwork
  • Underwriting
  • Closing

Contractor’s Estimate Is One Of The FHA 203k Loan Requirements:

Get a contractor’s estimation that breaks down the fixes which are listed on the town point of sale statement and any upgrading items that you desire appended to the loan. The contractor will require to give proof that he’s registered with the town that the home is located in, bonded or licensed, and holds the good licenses (if needed). The contractors’ licenses required might include any of the following: roofing, electrical, plumbing, and/or HVAC. The estimate ought to be itemized and broken down between materials and labor.

Mortgage Application For 203k Streamline Loan:

Contact the loan professional to complete the formal mortgage application. The documents required should include but isn’t limited to the following: two months’ bank statements, thirty days’ pay stubs, a copy of your social security card and driver’s license, and last two years’ tax returns and W2s. The following might also be required: separation and divorce agreement, bankruptcy papers, and corporate tax returns (if you’re freelancing). A house owner’s insurance quote ought to be obtained at this point.

Appraisal Is Required By The FHA 203k Loan Lenders:

The FHA 203k evaluator might locate additional repairs to be appended to the contractor’s estimate. If this occurs, you’ll have to give an updated estimate before the appraisal being done. A lot of brokers might also need a lead base paint examination.


203k Paperwork To Get Rehab Home Loans:

Once the assessment is received, the consumer(s) and the contractor will have to complete the 203k paperwork before the loan is submitted to underwriting.texas 203k loan 


The mortgage file is submitted to a backer to make the last determination on loan. Typically, FHA 203k mortgages will have approval states that’ll have to be satisfied before moving the loan to the closing division.

Closing The Deal:

A form called the closing disclosure has to be obtained by the buyer at least three days before signing the closing documents. Once the closing papers have been signed by both the seller(s) and buyer(s) and the loan is funded and filed with the local court, the first payment from the 203k account is typically drawn within two to four weeks. The final payment from the 203k account more often than not will not happen until all the improvements and repairs are done. The buyer(s) will also need to send written documents to the broker that they acknowledge the fixes are done to their contentment and the home passes a final re-inspected by the evaluator.

FHA 203k loans are subject to loan limitations according to the county and state where they are located. Also, the 203k streamline loan just permits up to 35,000 dollars to be appended to the loan for improvements and repairs. If the mortgage fixes exceed 35,000 dollars or the contractor’s estimation includes structural fixes, the loan would be deemed a full 203k mortgage, and an FHA consultant would be fixed. On this mortgage type, borrowers ought to stay in touch with their loan professional to give any extra information required and ensure the loan is processed in a timely manner.

The contractor has up to six months to finish the necessary fixes. They’ll be paid in as the job is completed and inspected. A 203K loan has a provision where you might stay in your current house with no loan payments due if the new home is not livable. It permits the contractor to complete the essential work without a strain on your financial plan. An FHA 203k loan is an incredible way for you to take benefit of a great deal on a distressed home.


By: Karissa